There are certain furnace systems which aren’t as efficient and a gust of wind is capable of causing the pilot light to switch off. This is going to leave the homeowner with no heat as the furnace will be switched off, even when the thermostat has been put on optimized heating levels. If you learn how to put on the pilot light is a lot simpler than you might have thought.
Furnaces are usually known for not being quite cooperative when it comes to it especially when you need it switched on. With this in mind, we’ve decided to provide you with a few quick tips on how to handle this otherwise challenging task without a lot of hurdle. Thus, here are some tips to ensure that you can do it with ease.

Lighting a Pilot Light of the Furnace

There are three comprehensive steps that you would want to go through when it comes to it. First, you would have to find the instructions label that is on your furnace. Most of the single unit should have one. This provides information on ways to light the furnace. The printing, however, might sometimes be smaller or the furnace area could be a lot darker. In many instances, the label might actually be quite difficult to find and to read. This is why you ought to keep those instructions at a safe place where you could quickly find them and take advantage of them.
Finding the pilot lights and the components is the next thing you should do. Now, you are likely to find a switch at the bottom of the furnace which is going to say On and Off. Find this particular unit and conveniently switch it in Off position. You should wait for no more than about 5 minutes. This would provide the gas to dissipate and it’s important to avoid starting a fire which is quite dangerous.
Re-lighting the pilot light is your next step. After the gas has been dissipated, you should turn the knob back to the Pilot sign. You need to hold down the reset button and conveniently bring the lighter flame closer to the pilot light as it opens. This is likely to put on the pilot light of the furnace.
As you can see, these are the steps that you need to consider. It might sound a bit complicated at first but the truth is that it takes some time to get used to it and then there is no significantly big deal. With this in mind, it is important to make sure that everything is handled properly so that you can rest assured that there is absolutely no issue and that you don’t put anyone in jeopardy.