It may be summer, but you have an idea that your furnace was on its last legs the last time you used it. It may be time to use those summer discounts and flexible scheduling to consider getting that furnace repaired or replaced before winter rolls around again. HVAC and furnace repair or replacement in Cambridge can be a costly endeavor. Use the off season to do your homework and research so you can remain warm and toasty once winter comes.

#1. It’s the End of its Lifespan

A furnace has a mechanical lifespan. Like any mechanical device, it wears down over time and just becomes a repair nightmare or an energy burden. If your furnace is over 5 years old, it may be time to consider a replacement. New furnaces on the market today are far more energy efficient. The extra amount you are spending on energy costs may be offset substantially in energy savings with a new unit. Do your homework on AFUE ratings and consider how a new furnace may be a reasonable investment before your old one completely breaks down. Continuing to repair an old system, at some point, becomes not worth the cost.

#2. Your Heating Bills Were Outlandish

If your bills indicated that your furnace was no longer running efficiently, it may be time for a repair or replacement. Your HVAC or furnace repair technician in Cambridge will be able to detect potential issues with a simple maintenance visit. You may also consider that your ductwork may be leaking, resulting in a system that consumes much more energy to heat your home.

#3. Your Furnace Was Making Strange Noises or Running Continuously

Odd noises, such as banging, rattling, or popping are not normal noises for a furnace. Neither is constant cycling on and off. Call a professional HVAC or furnace repair specialist in Cambridge if your furnace was experiencing these symptoms.

#4. Your Thermostat Was No Longer Regulating a Comfortable Temperature

It may have been your thermostat. But then it may have been your furnace. Don’t wait. Call a professional to get an expert opinion before winter makes a comeback.

#5. Your Burner Flame Was Yellow Instead of Blue

This is never a good sign. An inefficient burner can create an accumulation of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas. Other indicators of carbon monoxide include moisture accumulation on windows and walls, rusted flue pipes, and streaks of soot around the furnace unit. Carbon monoxide can be fatal. If you were seeing any of these things, call a professional HVAC or furnace repair technician in Cambridge immediately.

Taking time this summer to consider your furnace enables you to make decisions and do research before the cold winter months return. Call your local Cambridge HVAC or furnace repair technician to get an off season check up so you can make an educated decision about your furnace system. Call the professionals at Snap Air & Heating Repair for a comprehensive inspection today.