When your furnace continually turns on and off, it can not only be annoying, but it can signal a problem. A furnace that turns on and off is called short cycling. This can be due to a number of different things.

Is Your Furnace Overheating?

Your furnace contains a sensor that will automatically turn the unit off if it overheats. This is a safety feature. When your furnace cools off, it will then restart. An overheating system is an overworked one.

Check Your Filter

Another culprit of short cycling is your filter. HVAC contractors in Whitby can never stress enough the importance of keeping your filters clean and replaced. The efficiency of your system is reliant on airflow. When airflow is inhibited, most often by clogged air filters, your furnace will be affected.

Test Your Thermostat

Occasionally, a faulty thermostat will cause the furnace to turn on and off. If it is not sensing the temperature levels correctly, or there is a faulty connection to the furnace, it can begin to shut off your furnace at the wrong times. A Whitby furnace repair technician can easily and quickly repair or replace a faulty thermostat.

Is Your Furnace Too Large For Your Home?

Oversized furnaces will short cycle because they raise heat rapidly and generate too much heat for the home they have been installed in. This, again, makes for a system that is overworked and can affect the lifespan of the system.

Other Potential Problems

A system that is short cycling can also indicate other issues. These will require the services of an HVAC professional in Whitby in order to diagnose and repair.

● Cracked heat exchanger
● Malfunctioning circuit board
● Dirty flame rod
● Improper venting
● Malfunctioning inducer
● Problems with pressure switch

Even though your furnace may be operating and heating just fine, a short cycling system can be a serious problem. Not only is it a large waste of energy and a drain on your utility bills, but an overworked system is on the path to numerous furnace repairs in Whitby and a potentially reduced lifespan. Continuous starting and stopping puts stress on your furnace’s components and uses far more fuel to operate.

If you find that your furnace requires repair in Whitby, ON, call the professionals at Snap Air & Heating Repair. We have served the Whitby area and the GTA with quality HVAC services and installations for years. Let us help when you have a furnace that has been short cycling.