During some of the coldest days of a Canadian winter, you’ll want to make sure your furnace is working at the best level it possibly can. To increase the chance of this happening, it’s important to take care of your furnace. Annual maintenance, which means keeping the unit tuned and cleaned, will reduce the chance of the motor overworking and breaking down at the most inconvenient time.

It’s important to maintain your furnace from a safety perspective. Even a small amount of debris in the heating chamber increases the chance of a flash fire. It sometimes doesn’t take much for a small fire to start and then spread to other areas of the house.The best time to schedule maintenance for your furnace and prepare for the cold weather ahead is in the fall. This allows for removal of debris, including insect parts that may have collected over the summer months. Getting rid of this debris before the furnace needs to be used regularly is better for both the functioning of the furnace and the indoor air quality of your home.

Natural gas furnace

Furnace maintenance should be done regardless of the type of heating system you have. Natural gas burning furnaces are the most common but other options include radiant heating, electrical, split delivery units, heat pumps, central or forced air systems. It doesn’t matter what type of furnace you have, it’s important to both maintain the furnace and keep it clean. These furnaces can vary in size and shape and internal functions. Electric furnaces are heated by electricity that is supplied to heat element regulated by switches.

The switches can control blower cycles, air exchange systems and setting a room to maintain a certain temperature. Everything is designed to reduce condensation on the system which could make the system less effective and potentially corrode the inner pieces of it.Natural gas furnaces are connected to natural gas lines. Depending on your location and how you plan to use the furnace, a gas furnace can be the most cost efficient type of furnace. It’s easy to keep clean if you remember to hire someone to clean the ducts and some of the internal workings of the furnace.

Change the filters

Another way to make sure your furnace works its best during the cold weather is to makes sure you regularly change the filter. This task can be done by almost anyone and no special knowledge or skill is required. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of extra furnace filters in your home so that it’s easy to change them when you need to.

You may find that after the summer season, you may need to change the filter. In the summer, there is more dirt floating around in the air which can be sucked into your duct work. If the filter is doing the job it’s supposed to be doing, then this dirt will get trapped in the filter instead of getting pulled into the furnace.