The air ducts of your HVAC system may not be something you think about often. Many people don’t. To many, the ducts are simply there moving hot and cold air throughout your house. It’s important to make sure to keep those ducts clean because not doing so can cause unnecessary problems.
Ideally you should have the ducts of your HVAC system cleaned yearly. If you haven’t had them cleaned for a while, this could be the cause of some problems you may be experiencing. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, cleaning the air ducts may be the simplest solution.

Increases in your energy bill

If your heating and cooling costs have suddenly gone up, and you can’t figure out why, then perhaps the problem is dirty ducts. It’s best to eliminate this as a potential problem before looking into explanations that are more expensive to deal with like mechanical problems. Clogs or even leaks in your duct work will reduce the efficiency of the system. Hire a professional to clean your ducts and they can check for leaks as well. If any leaks are found, the air conditioning repair services will be able to seal them as needed.

Signs of rodents in your home

If you find numerous rodents in your home, there’s a good chance that they’re either living in your duct work or using the ducts of your HVAC system as their personal highways. Not only is the dirt and feces they drop and transfer bad for your health, the debris they leave behind can break your HVAC system in Whitby or at least significantly reduce its efficiency.
Most people will discover a rodent infestation before the smell of their feces in the ducts becomes overwhelming. If you can actually smell the rodent droppings, then there’s a good chance that they’ve been in your ducts for a significant amount of time and that there will be quite a lot of droppings.
Insect infestations can also cause the same problems. Even without an insect infestation, a modest amount of bugs that get into any home can leave parts of their bodies like shells and husks in your ducts which then gets circulated throughout your home. While not as dangerous as rodent feces, circulated bug parts can still be breathed in and make anyone coming to your home sick.

Debris around your vents

If your HVAC ducts are very dirty, you may start to notice debris around the vents. This is generally not a good sign. It could mean that the ducts are so full of dirt and debris that they’re overflowing through any opening available. If this happens, there’s a good chance that there are blockages, too, somewhere in your venting system. Blockages mean the air isn’t getting through as efficiently and effectively as it could.

Lots of sneezing or sudden difficulty breathing

Dirt gets spread through the air if ducts are blocked, severely impacting the indoor air quality and potentially causing problems like difficulty breathing and sneezing. Getting ducts cleaning and disinfected may stop respiratory problems.