It’s highly unpleasant when your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heat wave. Sometimes there’s not much that you could have done to prevent this from happening. Other times, a complete ac breakdown can be avoided through basic and regular ac repairs and watching for signs of trouble before serious damage is done.
Common areas where early signs of trouble may show up include:
• Frozen or dirty coils
• Leaking water
• Electrical surges and trouble
• A loss of coolant

Frozen or Dirty Coils

Talking about frozen coils in an air conditioner may seem strange. It should be. While your AC unit sends out cold air into your home, it’s not supposed to be frozen itself. You’ll know if the coils are frozen if you have water leaking in your home, the air in your home is not as cools as expected, and if the indoor coil is frosted over. The first two signs are easy to spot; the last requires access the indoor portion of your cooling system.It’s important not to try to defrost the coil yourself. There are several potential causes for the frosting and only a trained central AC repair technician in Barrie will be able to figure out the cause and fix it.

Leaking Water

Water in your home where it shouldn’t be is signs of a problem and sometimes that problem is the air conditioner. This needs to be fixed right away since water dripping into a closet or cabinet and water leaving spots on the wall or ceiling can cause permanent damage.
When your air conditioner works hard to cool your home, it pulls humidity from the air. Sometimes this humidity freezes on the indoor coil of the system and needs to be fixed.

Electrical Surges and Trouble

You may have an electrical problem with your AC if the system starts up but is only able to run a short while. Another sign of a potential electrical problem is if the air conditioner has a hard time starting. You’ll hear it starts with a clunk or seems unusually loud. Reasons for electrical problems can vary drastically as can the cost for this type of AC repair.

Loss of the Cooling Agent

Your air conditioner system will not work as well if there is insufficient coolant or if the cooling agent is contaminated. Signs of a problem with the cooling agent, also known as refrigerant, include higher electrical bills, a home that’s not as cool, or an AC that starts hard and loud or is only able to run for a few minutes at a time.
It’s important to remember that the refrigerant isn’t like gas in a vehicle where it gets used up each time the air conditioning is put on. If the levels get low, this means something is wrong like a leak which could damage the unit’s compressor causing more damage.The leak needs to be discovered and fixed. Refrigerant problems should only be fixed by a trained AC professional.