The compressor of your AC system is its important component. Without it, your system will not function. A compressor’s key job is to compress refrigerant and pump it throughout your AC system, removing heat and humidity from the air. Although your compressor is typically pretty reliable and has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, there are times when a compressor will fail and, most often, the underlying cause is totally preventable. Before your compressor becomes a costly AC repair in Whitby, call your local technician to look for these preventable problems.

When the air conditioner compressor fails, it’s often due to a stress on the system. Replacing the compressor without addressing the underlying cause is setting the new unit up for failure as well. Often, the potential problems that lead to compressor failure can be detected by a simple maintenance visit by an air conditioner repair technician in Whitby.

#1. Dirty Coils

When dirt and grime build up on the coils, the compressor can’t get rid of heat efficiently. This causes continual running of the system and can create overheating and failure.

#2. Suction Lines That Are Blocked

Often, refrigerant lines can be damaged or blocked. This will cause inefficient or no cooling, often creating pressure and overheating.

#3. Low Refrigerant

Over time, refrigerant lines can develop cracks or holes and a refrigerant leak is created. Refrigerant can be toxic and leaks are dangerous. Low refrigerant levels will cause a system to work harder to cool your home, eventually leading to a break down. Too much refrigerant, on the other hand, can be equally damaging to the compressor.

#4. Inadequate Lubrication

Lubrication is continuously fed by an oil pump to make sure the components are working without damaging friction. Without proper lubricant, parts wear out and the compressor can fail.

#5. System Contaminants

Air quality, dirt, moisture, debris, and leaves can get into the system and contaminate it, causing it to break down after a period of heat and pressure.

#6. Electrical Issues

Electrical problems can happen due to corroding acids and damage wiring, fuses, and contractors, creating electrical burnout and compressor failure.

If you are experiencing odd noises, such as ticking, rumbling, or rattling, finding accumulating moisture and puddles, or finding that your system is not providing cool air or the airflow has weakened, you may have a compressor problem.

Unfortunately, a compressor failure is a major air conditioner repair problem in Whitby and can be an emergency situation. The best way to keep compressor repairs from happening is to get problems addressed in a timely way. The best way to keep AC problems from happening to begin with is to schedule seasonal maintenance with an AC professional. As much as 80% of compressor problems can be detected and eliminated by proper maintenance.

With a preventive maintenance contract, your AC repair technician in Whitby will be able to detect potential compressor breakdown problems before an emergency happens. Call the air conditioner repair professionals at Snap Air & Heating Repair before your compressor leads to a costly repair or replacement.