If you are currently looking to replace your furnace, you may be overwhelmed by the available options of HVAC products in Barrier, ON. One of the most important considerations you will be faced with is the size of your unit.

Size Matters

The size of the furnace you choose is important to how efficient it will be in heating your home. A furnace that is too large will waste energy. Although it will keep your home warm, it will do so at a cost. Your furnace is at its least efficient when it initially starts. When the furnace is oversized, it spends a large amount of its time warming up, then, as the thermostat reaches temperature, shutting off. This cycling on and off is not only highly inefficient, but will make for very inconsistent temperature distribution in the home. When a furnace cycles, its lifespan can become dramatically reduced. An oversized furnace is also prone to short-cycling, which means that the temperature sensor will shut it down prematurely since a larger furnace will also run hotter. This means that your furnace can get shut down before it even brings your home to temperature. Conversely, a too-small furnace simply cannot keep the home warm enough on cold days.

Input, Output, And BTUs

A properly sized furnace is one that is designed to the needs of the size of the home. It should run almost continuously and consistently on the coldest days of the year and not turn on and off. Furnace size is measured by its input and output based on BTUs per hour. A BTU is the amount of heat that is required to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit. The input capacity of the furnace refers to the amount of gas burned. Output capacity refers to the heat generated. So BTU ratings can be both input or output measures.

Hire A Professional

Most manufacturers offer multiple sizes of each model of furnace. This can be very confusing for the average consumer. Selecting the correct size and type of furnace should be left to an experienced HVAC contractor in Barrie. When calculating a correct furnace size, energy loss calculations should be considered. This is the amount of heat lost due to the size of your home, the windows, the amount and type of insulation, and other factors. In Barrie, a qualified furnace repair and installation professional will use a manual in order to consider all criteria to properly size your furnace. Beware of a technician who suggests a furnace based on your home’s square footage alone.

If you are looking at high efficiency models, it’s also important to note that you can’t compare its capacity values to your old furnace. New, high efficiency furnaces will often have lower input capacities than their predecessors because they are able to generate more usable heat with less fuel input.

If you are looking to install a new furnace, consider hiring a professional when researching the manufacturers and models available. Snap Air & Heating Repair has been serving the Barrie community and GTA for years with exceptional furnace repair and installation services. We would be glad to come out and do an energy loss calculation and discuss which sized furnaces would meet the needs of your home and family.