Winter is over and we are glad for the warmer weather. Your furnace was having some difficulty keeping your home warm, but the last thing you want to think about with summer on the horizon is fixing your furnace. You won’t be using it until next season so why worry about it now?

Repair it Now

If you know that your furnace is suffering some damages, it may be the best time to get those taken care of. Yes. Call a furnace repair company in Whitby right now. Well before the time you will need it. A system that is ignored and left to sit for awhile may just become a bigger problem. Checking your furnace and getting preventive maintenance during its downtime is probably the most efficient time to do it.

Cost Effective and Far Less Stressful

Performing preventive maintenance on your furnace is more cost effective and stressful during the warm months than trying to get a repair in the middle of winter on a cold day. Being proactive helps cut down your risk of a breakdown at the most uncomfortable time of year. Waiting for the winter season means you risk suffering a costly breakdown at a time when furnace repair calls are at their peak. Summer maintenance by a professional furnace repair company in Whitby means your furnace will be ready to go come fall and cooler weather.

If your furnace needs replacement, now is the time to know. Replacing a furnace when the weather is warm is far less aggravating than in the midst of winter.

Periodic Cleaning

Your furnace should be cleaned periodically. Dust and debris can keep your system from working efficiently. Systems that are not cleaned on a regular basis can suffer permanent damage. Contact an HVAC or furnace repair technician in Whitby for a professional seasonal furnace clean to make sure it is done safely and properly.

Check Your Filter

Check your filter. If you haven’t inspected your filter monthly, this is time to get into that habit. It is essential for proper airflow to maintain a clean filter. When your filter becomes dirty enough that you can’t see through it, it’s time for a new filter. If you have a central air conditioning system, you will need to maintain this good habit throughout the year.

Extinguish Your Pilot Light

Once you have checked, cleaned, and inspected your HVAC system in Whitby, you can turn off your pilot light for the summer. In order to extinguish the pilot light, turn off the valve handle to the gas line. This will save a bit on fuel costs and reduce corrosion.

When summer rolls around, make it a habit to get a maintenance checkup from your local furnace repair specialist in Whitby. This will ensure that your furnace will be in proper working order when you need it most.